Saturday, May 24, 2008

Step-Down Living Room & Formal Dining Room

The step-down living room
has mahogany paneling with a stone fireplace. The floor is natural red oak. On the west end is an alcove with built-in book shelves and a built-in couch. A great place to snuggle up and read or listen to music.

The formal dining room is adjacent to the living room with a door also leading into the kitchen. It has a built-in maple china cupboard and maple paneling on the west wall. The south wall is covered with windows facing downtown Provo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Industrial Strength Garages and Swingset

Three swings, a teeter-totter, a big slide and a monkey bar, plus a 5 car garage (two more garages elsewhere if 5 isn't enough for you.)

East North West West and South

Standing in one location on the sidewalk in the back yard
and taking a photo in each direction.

What's Growing On May 13?

Bluebells, bleeding hearts, violets, tulips, lilacs, and sweet rocket are all in bloom. And they return each year, bigger and better each year

Fire In The Kitchen!

Luckily it is only red stained-glass flames above the
stainless steel Viking Oven. The 16 window panes look out to a vegetation covered hill to the east. There is covered, ceramic tiled porch beyond the windows with a stairway leading to the basement garage and steps leading to the front yard. The metal cabinets in the kitchen are St. Charles (hoity-toity stuff in the 50's)that are painted with an industrial paint called Hammerite and then rubbed to give it a slight texture.

Mint Green and Pale Yellow Bathroom

This bathroom is off the kitchen. It has a tiled shower with glass door and great detail in the tile on the walls and floor.

Entrance Hall

As you walk into the entrance hall, to your left is a long mahogany planter box leading you into the kitchen. The floor is polished natural stone. To your right is a mahogany railing capped with a mahogany light fixture with uplighting and downlighting (using 15 two inch round openings between the 17 railings. To the left of the railings takes you to 3 bedrooms including the master bedroom and to the right of the railing is the wooden staircase to the lower level.